Visiting Ringers

Under the current circumstances, we are temporarily unable to welcome visiting ringers.

Restricted ringing

As Sherborne Abbey is a busy community, ringing by visiting bands is severely restricted.  Any requests should be made in plenty of time, in writing or by email, to the tower correspondent who will have to liaise with the Incumbent and Parish Secretary before being able to respond.


  • Peals: £80.00 (£10.00 per rope)
  • Quarter-peals & Visiting bands (eg. Tours): £20.00

Peal dates

(Under the current circumstances there are no future peal dates set.)

Please note that as there are only a limited number of slots available, the Peal charge will still be levied if the Peal is not completed. Exception will be made if the failure was mechanical.

Conditions of ringing

Visitors are not permitted to alter the length of ropes.

Visiting bands are responsible for arranging their own insurance.

As there is limited parking in the Abbey grounds, visiting bands are requested to use public car parks during their visit.

Several years ago the Abbey architect set an advisory limit of 25 people in the ringing chamber at any one time, so we therefore suggest that you do not exceed this number in your band.