The Sherborne Abbey company of bell ringers are those responsible for ringing the heaviest ring of eight bells in the world in the beautiful Dorset town of Sherborne.

We welcome you to our website which provides you with information on the bells and our ringers.

The impact of Covid
As the PM prepared us for the first lockdown, the bells were rung for service for the last time on 15th March. Nothing further took place until Dorset entered Tier 1 when, after a belfry risk assessment and approval from the PCC, ringing five of the front six bells was able to be started again for Sunday Services, and continued until early November when the second lockdown again stopped all ringing.  The Abbey bells have since been silent, with the notable exceptions of being able to ring for the Christmas Day service and for the service on Sunday 27th.  Additionally, handbells have been rung outside the Abbey and Lillington on a few occasions.
“We look forward greatly to resuming “proper” ringing as soon as possible in the New Year!”

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